The global swift system is used by more than eight thousand financial institutions in sending and receiving various financial statements and letters. The most prominent letter used in this system is the mt760 swift and the mt799 swift. These two letters have a number of differences and similarities. The main similarity between the two types of swift messages is in how they are sent. Both letters are sent from one bank to another without necessarily consulting the client. Another similarity is that both letters are sent during a significantly large transaction between two individuals. In spite of these similarities, the two swift messages have numerous differences that individuals should be aware of.

The main difference between the mt760 swift message and the mt799 swift message is in when they are sent. The mt799 is sent before the mt760 and is a prelude to the sending of the mt760. Hence, the role of the mt799 is merely to notify and nothing else. This document is sent days or weeks before the sending of the mt760. It is important to note that the mt799 has no impact on the financial situation of an individual. This is another big difference that exists between the two documents.

The mt760 swift message will impact the financial condition of a client since it a verification of freezing of funds by one bank. The mt799 swift message will have no impact on the financial situation of an individual since it is sent before the funds are frozen. This is another difference between the two documents. Another difference between the two documents is that the mt760 swift is sent after the sending bank has set aside the required amount of money. The mt799 is sent before the sending bank freezes the required amount of money in the purchasing individual’s bank account.


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1: Seller sends SPA to buyer and buyer signs and returns the contract and both parties lodge the contracts in their banks. Buyer returns the signed contract with ATB format

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3: SELLER issues a MARINE ATB and clearance to buyer’s team who board with their own tug boat for confirmation of cargo in Nigeria water, upon which buyer remits the sum of N50 Million Naira into seller’s account through NIBSS (Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System).

4: And if Buyers want to board in to INTERNATIONAL WATER or POD {PORT of DISCHARGE} Buyer place FULL BG (BANK GUARANTY) VIA MT799 FOR TATOL CARGO.

5: Upon successful Q&Q report, BUYER makes payment to SELLER and AGENT’s according to the SPA via NIBSS.

6: Seller releases all cargo documents to buyer’s bank.

7: Buyer's vessel moves to his POD.

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